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Real Estate Agency (Letting & Sales)

Our major means of marketing property is by way of advertisement which can take the various forms. These include amongst others:

  1. Signboards
  2. Bulletins
  3. Newspaper advertisement
  4. Internet etc


This is usually displayed on the property and contains the key words – “FOR SALE” and our address with phone numbers to be contacted for more details.


This will show a list of properties we have for sale or lease in our property portfolio. Most often, it contains more details about the property than the sign boards. This can be distributed to individuals, corporate bodies and other property Agents, as well as our high net-worth clients.

Newspaper advertisement

This shall be done through national dailies and specialized property newspapers.


We place the property in our website for sale or To let purpose and we also post the same in some others property website we had subscribed to.